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Take what you need

Versand am 24 April 2020

Take what you need

Hey guys,

We all have hard days sometimes… the kind that make us want to give up, retreat
inside of ourselves, drown our sorrows in a pint of icecream or cry into our pillow while we are listening to way too loud songs. And while we may crave all sorts of things to ease the pain we feel, what our hearts really need, is to be filled up with truth and warm words. We need to be confident, we need to remember we’re loved no matter what. We need to know we’re going to be okay and we have to learn that hard days pass. It takes a lot of strength to take hard days easy, to take a deep breath whilst thinking that tomorrow will be a better day.
To share strength, peace, hope and other things that help us through the day, we’ve made a ‘tear off sheet’ for you guys.

We are all in this together, in a life with up’s and downs. We should help each other through difficult times, with experiences, with listening to each other and with little things that support our wellbeing. Our ‘tear off sheet’ is a nice little companion for lonely hours and hard days. We would be very happy if you download our
sheet and if it helps you getting through your day… and please never forget, you are not alone and you are loved, it is absolutely okay if you feel melancholy and sad sometimes but please don’t forget to think about the good moments and beautiful things in your life, even if they are too little.

We believe in you.






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