Acceptance Baseball - Shirt
Acceptance Baseball - Shirt

Acceptance Baseball - Shirt

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Pocket- & Backprint

3/4 Sleeve

155 g/m²

100% Organic - Cotton

Fairtrade High-quality garment with Vegan, Eco-friendly Watercolor print.

 Shipping: 5-8 Days

Story behind:

"Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle between who I am and who I want to be. Between who I‘m trying to love and who I‘m running away from. Between my past and my future and between the life I dream about and the life I know I‘ll never have...

What I really need is that one moment I accept my flaws, accept my appearance and my talents. I need to stop worrying that I can‘t be loved as I am. I need to know my worth. I have to accept who I am and be proud because of me. Let‘s all start a new chapter in our lives, let us close our eyes, take a deep breath and start to accept what has already been good in our lives, but what we‘ve never seen the good in. Don‘t let us be haunted by the things we refuse to accept. We are good as we are. We are worth it."