Burn Down Your Fears - T-Shirt (Black)
Burn Down Your Fears - T-Shirt (Black)

Burn Down Your Fears - T-Shirt (Black)

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Every product is designed to change the world!

Pocket- & Backprint

200 g/m²

100% Cotton

High-quality garment with Vegan, Eco-friendly Watercolor print.

Shipping: 5-8 Days 

Story behind:

Do you have a little voice in your head that says: “You’re not good enough. You’re going to fail. Why do you even try?”

We don’t have to be imprisoned by our fears... Maybe our fears want to keep us safe. But I think sometimes we don’t need to be protected. Maybe it’s the fear of failure, that holds us down. Maybe the fear of change, which makes us stay in the same place and doesn‘t let us experience more beautiful sides of our lives. There’s fear of abandonment or rejection. In my case it’s the fear of painful emotions.. turning inwards is the scariest thing I‘ll ever do... maybe I just have to accept it instead of making a big thing out of it... It doesn‘t matter which fear we have.. we deserve a better life. A life without fears, which are holding us back. A happy life. Let us just burn down our biggest fears by dealing with them.